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The Theatre Club Launches!

Theatre, is meant to be experienced by the senses. Creating an overflow of reflections and emotions that helps shape each individual brave enough to take the journey.  Theatre can highlight or close divides, it can soothe the isolated soul that seeks to survive. Whether you are an experienced pro or a novice taking the chance to enjoy a new experience come and play in our Theatre Club! Don't be surprised if you discover something old and new!  

2024 season Examining CHANGE! Workshop Schedule below

Saturday May 18th and 25th - The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe - A reflection of change inside of generations

Saturday July 20th and 27th - Poetry Slam: Pat Parker, Assotto Saint, Kokumo - A reflection of embodying change

Saturday September 21st and 28th - The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House by Audre Lorde - A reflection on collective envisioning of change

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